'Family Guy' Creator Doesn't Like That Fox Hires Conservatives

Seth MacFarlane is a frequent critic of the very place that continues to employ him — and air his shows

Zachary Leeman

Look at How One Law School Urged Students to Donate to Left-Wing Causes

Watchdog conservatives are not letting this one go — how dare an institution act this way against traditional values

Elizabeth M. Economou

No Joke! Watch for These Toxic, Invasive Plants

Contact with giant hogweed, especially with common garden tools, can lead to third-degree burns and permanent blindness

Travis Fedschun

Defeated Anti-Trumper Mark Sanford Plays Victim to Willing Media

South Carolina's 'Appalachian Trail' congressman scandal rarely comes up in analysis of last week's congressional primary

Brendan Kirby

'Christians Should Never Lose Hope for Those They Loved and Lost'

With suicide rates jumping by nearly 30 percent in the last generation, more people must embrace faith

Fr. George Rutler

Roger Stone Says He Laughed in Russian's Face

'Nothing changed hands — no money, no information,' Trump campaign adviser tells Laura Ingraham about previously undisclosed meeting

Brendan Kirby

Laura Bush Jumps on Bandwagon Against Trump and 'Family Breakup Policy'

And Kirstjen Nielsen fires back, 'If you are seeking asylum, there is no reason' to cross the border illegally into the U.S.

Lucas Mikelionis


1,000-Year-Old Clay Amulet Is Discovered During Israeli Dig

The country continues to share its secrets as rare artifact with a blessing in Arabic is unearthed during City of David excavation

James Rogers

Homeland Security Official Blasts False Reporting on Child Separations

Brendan Kirby
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