Cynthia Nixon, Political Candidate in New York, Calls ICE a 'Terrorist Organization'

'Sex and the City' star shows she even more leftist than Gov. Andrew Cuomo — she prefers a severe lack of border security

Zachary Leeman

Pentagon May House Up to 20,000 Children on Military Bases

And General 'Mad Dog' Mattis appears up to the task: 'We do whatever is in the best interests of the country'

Elizabeth M. Economou

Liberals' Attack on the Mom and Pop Café That Hosted 'Fox & Friends' Backfires

The tirades by left-wingers on social media don’t get them very far in Duluth, Minnesota, following the Trump rally there

Michele Blood

Charles Krauthammer, Rest in Peace

Thoughts on the passing of a wise, determined man who chose well and thoughtfully whatever the day brought to him

Mark Tapscott

Michael Moore Will Give 'Hanoi Jane' Fonda a Lifetime Achievement Award

The controversial 'Bowling for Columbine' director says no artist has done more for the country than the traitorous actress

Zachary Leeman

Look Which Wild Creature Is Now Making a Comeback in America

'I can remember getting out of high school and just wondering if I would ever see a bald eagle,' one biologist recalled

Emilie Ikeda

National 'Take Your Dog to Work Day' Is Easy for Telecommuters

'Pawsatively' relaxing, the arrangement does have a few downsides (the mailman shows up right as an important call begins, for starters)

Deirdre Reilly


First Lady Melania Trump Visits Child Detention Center in McAllen, Texas

She 'arrived to take part in briefings and tours at a nonprofit social services center for children,' said her office in a statement

Deirdre Reilly

Four Immigration Facts Mainstream Media Won't Tell You

Mark Tapscott
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