Good, Evil, Mass Murder, Mass Publicity — and the Bill of Rights

Does the First Amendment play any role at all in the outbreak of these horrific shootings in this country?

Lee Habeeb

Three Bad Habits Doctors (and Many of Us) Should Break

'Debt is not your friend,' nor is it healthy for you — 'especially if you use it for an emergency or a so-called emergency'

Cory S. Fawcett, MD

'Family Guy' Creator Doesn't Like That Fox Hires Conservatives

Seth MacFarlane is a frequent critic of the very place that continues to employ him — and air his shows

Zachary Leeman

Four Liberal PACs Outspent the 'Roadblock' NRA in 2016 Campaign

If the National Rifle Association is powerful because it gives so much money to Republican politicos, what about these left-wing groups that give far more to Democrats?

Mark Tapscott

Trump Strikes Back at Oprah's 'Biased and Slanted' Interview

Left-wing media darling spoke to a panel of people, made herself clear as day — and reignited the 2020 debate

Tom Joyce

Carnival Passengers Were Cruising for a Bruising

Investigation is planned into 'all aspects' of a horrible brawl that broke out during a 10-day trip from Melbourne, Australia

Michael Bartiromo

Don't Worry, Jennifer Lawrence Is Going to 'Fix' Democracy

The 'Hunger Games' and 'Red Sparrow' star says she's leaving acting behind for a year to focus on political activism

Zachary Leeman


'Everything I Have Is a Gift from God'

David Wise, freestyle skier, is a halfpipe specialist who's been fighting for the gold through intense physical and emotional pain

Kimberly Winston

Trump's Tariffs Are Driving a U.S. Solar Panel Resurgence

Michael Stumo
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