Jimmy's Journey Updates: Bad Pup to Good Dog

Laura Ingraham's dog goes through training with Brian Kilcommons — check out the pooch's progress

LifeZette Staff

Seven Victims of the Left's Hostility Toward Religious Freedom

These faithful people have taken repeated hits from those who claim to hate discrimination and bullying

Katie Nations

Don't Buy into the Video Recording Sunglasses Hype

This new tech is not earning rave reviews — here's why

Vinnie Penn

DHS Immigration Guidelines Leave DAPA Gray Area

Enforcement memos leave status of blocked Obama executive amnesty unclear

Brendan Kirby

Rethinking Student Recess, Again

As adults, we know breaks and movement during the day help us focus — so how about for kids?

Carleen Wild

Police 'High-Five Fridays' for Students Are Killed by Liberals

Positive law enforcement program is over because people worried illegals or minorities would be 'fearful'

Deirdre Reilly

Three Movies Conservatives Should See Before Oscar Night

These right-leaning films have already earned recognition and are worth the time before Sunday

Zachary Leeman


A Cop, an Autistic Child — and Many Complications

'I'm a retired policeman whose daughter is categorically classified as intensely autistic'

Stephen Owsinski

Seven Ways You're Wrecking Your Sandwich

Carleen Wild
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