Two Easy, Genius Ways to Stick to Your Resolutions

All of those best-laid plans for a healthier body (and mind) in the new year can still become a reality — with these simple steps

Jamie Johnson

Democrats Prioritize Illegal Immigrants' Amnesty Over Children’s Health Care

Many Donkey Party lawmakers are rejecting House Republicans' offer of six-year funding for CHIP if DACA amnesty not part of deal

Brendan Kirby

Las Vegas Massacre Survivor Demands Answers

Appearing on Fox News' 'The Ingraham Angle,' Brian Claypool shared his anxiety, his anger — and his pleas for information

Michele Blood

New Religious Liberty Unit to Defend Medical Workers Who Object to Abortion, Other Procedures

White House order paved way for more aggressive protection of rights of nurses, doctors, health care providers

Jim Stinson

Energy Drinks Killed My Son, Says Grieving Father

Daily habit of 15 or more cans, plus depression, created a lethal mix — 'like trying to quit smoking,' the young man would argue

Michelle Gant

You Might Be Praising Your Kids for the Wrong Things

'Children want to be loved and admired for the people they are,' says this noted pediatrician, 'not for the tasks they accomplish'

Meg Meeker, MD

Just What the World Needs: Yet Another Anti-Trump Show

The controversial and highly disputed 'Fire and Fury' tome by Michael Wolff about the president is becoming a television series

Zachary Leeman


Jesus Came to Save the World — Including Those in Silicon Valley

Where's the outrage over the lack of moral standards among those who drive so many technology developments in this country?

Sam Rohrer

Three in Four Americans Favor Substantial Abortion Restrictions

Brendan Kirby
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