Man Threatens to Kill Lawmaker's Family Over Trump's Immigration Policy

Unhinged individual also made horrible remarks about two Florida senators in his outrage at border measures

Deirdre Reilly

After Peter Fonda's Threats Against Trump Family, Secret Service Gets Involved

Melania Trump won't sit still for such disgusting remarks; 'Easy Rider' actor has a history of calling for violence against women and children

Zachary Leeman

Returning to 'Abstinence' Sex Education in Schools Is Critical

A mom, physician and educator shares the need to protect the 'hearts, minds and bodies' of our kids — and to teach dignity

Grazie Christie

Some Illegal Immigrant Children Bring Plan B in Case of Rape

Speaking on 'The Ingraham Angle,' U.S. Border Patrol Agent Hector Garza says parents often give their daughters morning-after pills, as sex assaults are likely

Connor Wolf

'Modern Family' Co-Creator Will Leave Studio Because of Fox News

Steve Levitan has joined 'Family Guy' producer Seth MacFarlane in expressing displeasure with connections to popular channel

Zachary Leeman

George Takei Takes Extreme Leftist Rhetoric on Border Crisis to Whole New Level

'Star Trek' actor claims current separation policy for illegal immigrant families is worse than America's Japanese internment camps

Zachary Leeman

'Creed II' Shows That 'Rocky' Franchise Continues to Be Most Patriotic One Around

Sylvester Stallone and his famous boxer are back in the sequel to one of 2015's best movies and biggest hits

Zachary Leeman


Texas Billboard Tells Liberals to Keep Driving — Right Out of the State

Check out this image, which has gone viral on social media — prominent roadside message minces no words

Nicole Darrah

Five Films That Will Tell You What You Need to Know About North Korea

Tom Joyce
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