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About LifeZette Media

Originally founded as a news and lifestyle brand, LifeZette has emerged as one of the country’s top sources for conservative news. With offices in Washington, D.C. and Houston, TX and writers all over the country, LifeZette and its partner sites aim to stay on top of trending stories and provide its audience with constitutionally-based news commentary. LifeZette Media also manages MomZette, FaithZette and PoliZette.

Artificial Intelligence Policy

LifeZette does not use any synthetic (AI) generated content on any of our websites, LifeZette.com included.

Correction Policy

We are committed to providing accurate and factual reporting to our audience, however, our team is staffed by humans and therefore mistakes are made from time to time. Upon discovery of said mistakes, our editorial team makes the necessary adjustment as quickly as possible to the article and places an editor’s note at either the top and/or bottom of the article in question.


LifeZette does not discriminate against any individuals, groups or identities, but rather welcomes and celebrates all qualified, hard working individuals that aspire to provide quality news content to our growing and committed audience.

Editorial Independence

LifeZette is committed to independent thinking, as well as truthful and accurate reporting of current events. LifeZette does not create content for the benefit of ownership, advertisers, political parties or any special interests, but rather its audience.

Opinion & News Stories

Opinion articles on LifeZette are either labeled as opinion and/or provide the author’s name ahead of the title, i.e. NAME: ARTICLE TITLE.

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