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Murphy’s Law or Self-Fulfilling Prophesy: Biden’s Disasters | The Rob Maness Show EP 359

Does Murphy’s law really exist or are Joe Biden’s disastrous decisions resulting in a self-fulfilling bad prophecy? Port Biden is washing away after less than two weeks in operation and aide from the pier has been offloaded but its very unclear if any has reached actual Gazans in need, other than the Hamas forces that steal it to maintain their combat forces anyway. Geez I wonder who predicted that fiasco? In other predictions, err news, the US Navy Admiral in charge of installations says that American Navy bases are seeing several attempts a week to penetrate security by foriegnb nationals and on top of that we’re now seeing special operations personnel surveillance operations on their homes in this country. Well who could have predicted that when analyzing the Biden open border policy disaster? Discussing an analyzing all this today with us is retired US Navy commander, author, college professor, and former senior DHS official Randy Arrington.

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