Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, clashed sharply with CNN host Kaitlan Collins on Wednesday over questions about voter fraud and whether he would pledge to accept the 2024 election results, accusing her of not holding prominent Democrats to the same standard.

“I think that’s actually a ridiculous question,” Cruz said to Collins, who noted the Texas senator objected to certifying the 2020 election results on Jan. 6, 2021. “You ever ask a Democrat that?”

Collins responded, “Of course,” before Cruz pushed back and asked, “what Democrat?”

“I know, I know, I’ve been down this road many times,” Collins responded. “You cannot compare the two situations. We have talked about that. We have seen the audio of that, when they protested on the Senate floor, but have you ever had a sitting president who refused to facilitate the peaceful transition of power?”

Cruz pushed back again and said they did have a peaceful transfer of power between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, before arguing that Democrats objected to the 2000 and 2016 presidential elections. Trump has repeatedly claimed the 2020 election was illegitimate and is facing federal election interference charges related to the January 6 Capitol riot, in addition to state election interference charges in Georgia.

Cruz took exception to Collins’ line of questioning in a testy exchange with the anchor.

“So you‘re asking will you promise, no matter what, to agree an election is [legitimate], regardless of what happens,” Cruz said. “And that would be an absurd thing to claim, like we have an entire election law system that people challenge elections, elections get overturned, voter fraud gets proven, that happens all the time, and the media engages in this weird game post-Donald Trump that you insist no voter fraud has ever existed.”

She asked him again if he would accept the results, regardless of who wins in 2024.

“Look, if the Democrats win, I will accept the result, but I’m not going to ignore fraud regardless of the result,” Cruz said.

Collins at one point claimed there was no voter fraud at all before Cruz challenged her on making such a blanket assessment.

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“You’re saying zero voter fraud occurred,” Cruz said.

“Nothing that would have changed the outcome of the election,” Collins said.

“OK, but that’s a different statement,” Cruz replied.

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