Podcast giant Joe Rogan spoke last week about how he left California because of left-wing politics running amok in the state.

Rogan recalled how he once was part of the “blue bubble” in that he was a “left-leaning person who lived in Los Angeles” who “never voted Republican.” However, while he said he remains “way more left than I am right,” he argued, “California went nuts, man. It’s gone like full communist. It’s out of its f—–g mind.”

He continued to slam his former state, saying, “Their approach to law enforcement is so insane. It’s so insane. The no cash bail, the letting people out for committing violent crimes, the f—–g not stopping people for stealing up to whatever money is, was it $900 now? I think they raised it. I think they made it a little higher.”

San Francisco is nonexistent,” Rogan added. “San Francisco — most of San Francisco is emptied out of like big chain stores and big department stores.”

While Rogan asserted that the structure of the city is still there, it would require “some hardcore Rudy Giuliani type motherf—-r to come in there and knock heads, and nobody wants that, nobody wants that, they’re ‘peace, love and granola and f—–g wear a mask.’”

Rogan and comedian Bobby Lee both marveled at how they find themselves now identifying as being in the “middle” politically.

“It only happened this last year,” comedian Bobby Lee recalled. “I just went, ‘I can’t do it anymore.’ You know, the people that you thought you were aligned with you are now mad at you about s—.”

“They’re in a cult,” Rogan said. “They’re attacking like somebody attacks religious beliefs.”

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