Republican National Committee Moles Russell Crowe and Patricia Arquette Disrupt Hollywood Gala

They are so good at their jobs, nobody suspects them.

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The Republican National Committee got its money’s worth Sunday night in Hollywood as deep cover agents Russell Crowe and Patricia Arquette further insinuated themselves into the Hollywood power structure by making idiotic statements obvious as such to any sentient person but completely legitimate to the assembled Tinseltown cretins.

Their outburst will, as usual, add to the perception amongst the vast majority of Americans that leftist Hollywood is overrefined and culturally incestuous.

This will drive droves of voters into GOP hands. Kudos to the deep cover agents…

Crowe and Arquette…


No way! Uh, okay, start again…

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Apparently not RNC moles but actual simpletons, actor Russell Crowe and actress Patricia Arquette used the foreign press-sponsored Golden Globes awards ceremony in Hollywood last night to make statements so ridiculous that second graders across the nation reacted with derisive mirth.

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Crowe, who hasn’t had a hit since the Polk administration, decided to lecture the global audience on climate change because of the Australian brush fires.

The thespian, who has no scientific degree or meteorological experience in the public record, narcissistically conflated his national situation with the issue at large.

How convenient for him to stay on script that way.

Patricia Arquette, an actress who showed more cleavage than intelligence at the event, made barely concealed swipes at President Trump, amusingly attempted defense analysis, and urged voters to come to the polls in the likely hopes of defeating the president’s reelection efforts.

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Earth to Patricia: Trump lost the popular vote by millions and is president anyway because of a factor apparently unknown to you, the electoral college.

For even if your counsel is taken by the great babbling hordes of Dem voters in states where your writ may run, it’ll just add to the numbers in states the Dems will have already won and thus have no effect on the election result.

Other actors at the soiree were wise enough not to fall into the trap of alienating much of their audience by the ensuing press coverage of their remarks and kept their traps shut on politics.

That Crowe and Arquette did not can only help the president and the GOP. Thanks guys!

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