Romney Confirms Secret ‘Alter Ego’ Account on Twitter

The Utah senator — who continues to hide behind a patrician air as he slams the president — admitted he's got an 'alternate' outlet on social media

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It’s no secret that Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) is a tad — well, odd, in my view.

Putting aside for the moment his pusillanimous criticisms of President Donald Trump, the man’s Thurston Howell III demeanor combined with a holier-than-thou persona hints at deep underground currents of something — well, not like most Americans.

That brings us to Pierre Delecto.

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Yes — that, Carlos Danger-like, is Romney’s secret Twitter account, as the Washington Examiner, Fox News and other outlets have reported.

Romney confirmed his “secret” account to The Atlantic with this reply: “C’est moi.”

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Yup, that is the extent of his identification with the lexicon of the modern GOP.

It’s a locked account with no profile picture and it has 1,173 followers.

(Didn’t know the Yale Glee Club had that many members past and present.)

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This alter-ego Twitter account does not follow the account of President Donald Trump, by the way. Yet that does not stop the Utah senator from taking shots at the president whenever he feels like it.

Romney told Axios over the weekend that President Trump’s words “appeared to be appealing to racism or misogyny” and that the president had abandoned the Kurds in Syria, calling his actions there “a bloodstain in the annals of American history.”

His past slams of the president include a belief that Republicans won’t criticize the president only because they think it will help Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and that Trump’s supposed pressure on Ukraine was “appalling.”

Romney repeatedly has slammed the chief executive’s character on every issue, from his alleged payment to a porn star to the state of his marriage.

All this while still voting with Trump 80 percent of the time in the U.S. Senate.

Romney, like former Vice President Joe Biden for the Democrats, is a remnant of days gone by.

The GOP has become a populist party that represents the views of average working Americans. Its base is in the middle class and in most regions outside of the northeast and west coast.

Romney recognizes this in his Senate voting patterns.

But a tendency like that of Nelson Rockefeller — former liberal GOP New York governor and Ford vice president — to disdain a populist GOP for the boardroom and country-club crowd may have played in the suburbs of Manhattan in the mid-1960s.

However, it is hardly the road to political victory or mass appeal today.

The Utah senator seems to think he is holding aloft some fallen standard of civility and responsible government. That belief would be more credible if Romney wasn’t implying that Trump was a racist and misogynist at the drop of a top hat.

His preference is to be the media’s favorite Republican — which means any Republican who will trash another Republican.

But Romney hides behind a patrician air to make his pronouncements appear lofty and erudite.

However, he doesn’t have to do that when he’s playing at being Carlos Delecto.

Only Romney and his closest cohorts know what manner of invective or insults are at the forefront when the now-senator (and failed presidential candidate) drops his gentle mask — and gets down to brass tacks in a closed forum.

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