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10 Celebrities Who Visited the White House in 2018

Too many liberal stars relish slamming this president — but Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Kid Rock, and more stand out

Many celebrities stand stridently against President Donald Trump and his administration — and these “stars” tend to get most of the attention in the media today.

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Yet the commander-in-chief is also friendly with a number of celebrities, and many have visited him during his time so far in the White House.

Some of his relationships with celebrities have led to positive policy changes for the country — something the mainstream media rarely gives the president credit for or even acknowledges.

While it’s clear Jay-Z and Beyoncé will not be visiting the White House any time soon — as they did on a few occasions when Barack Obama was president — some big-name celebs have visited Trump.

Here’s a look at some of the most prominent leading lights who not only had the honor of visiting President Donald Trump in the White House in 2018, but who clearly articulated their support of him and weren’t afraid to do it, either.

1.) Kim Kardashian. She may have endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 — but Kim Kardashian had no issue working with Trump earlier this year.

The reality star met with the president in May to speak about criminal justice reform.

In that vein, she spoke to Trump about pardoning a nonviolent drug offender, 63-year-old Alice Marie Johnson, who was serving a life sentence.

Trump pardoned Johnson that month.

2.) Kanye West. The most notable of the bunch, rapper West (Kardashian’s husband) announced he supported President Trump in April — so his October White House visit was much anticipated.

He met with Trump in the Oval Office to speak about criminal justice reform and then engaged in an entertaining 10-minute monologue that touched on a wide range of subjects — including prison reform, why African-Americans tend to vote Democrat, and his own mental health struggles.

Naturally, the liberal mainstream media went after West. But he had the guts to speak without scripted notes or publicity handlers — and to do so publicly.

Trump praised Kanye West for his remarks.

3.) Jim Brown. The Hall of Fame NFL running back and civil rights advocate is a Trump supporter.

He is also critical of NFL players who kneel during the playing or singing of the national anthem.

Brown also met with the president about prison reform on the same day that West did back in October.

4.) Nick Saban. The head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team has led his squad to five NCAA Division 1 BCS football national championships in the past decade.

Unlike the Golden State Warriors of the NBA or the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL, this coach actually made the trip to the White House.

He spoke to his players about the importance of going to the White House — and they all made the visit in April.

5.) Kid Rock. The conservative musician has praised President Trump about policy issues several times and was there to witness his signing of the Music Modernization Act into law in October.

The law closed loopholes in digital royalty laws, making sure that artists receive proper compensation for use of their music.

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6.) Sam Moore. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer was also present when Trump signed the Music Modernization Act — and he praised Trump for the legislative achievement.

“When Mr. Bush was in we couldn’t get it done,” Moore said.

“We we had Mr. Obama in, we couldn’t get it done. But we got it done with this man.”

7.) Mike Love. The co-founder of The Beach Boys and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer was another celeb who was present when Trump signed the Music Modernization Act.

While he was at the White House, Love praised the president’s taste in music.

“People can say what they want,” he told the president, “but you’ve always been a big supporter of some of the best music America’s ever made.”

8.) John Rich. In 2011 the country singer and songwriter won the reality competition series “Celebrity Apprentice” — which Trump hosted, of course — and today he and the president remain on good terms.

Rich attended the music bill’s signing as well.

At the event, Trump said of Rich, “He happened to win ‘The Apprentice,’ but we won’t even get into that. I know him better than anybody. I said, ‘You’re fired’ to everybody except John Rich … He’s good under pressure, which is very nice.”

9.) Craig Morgan. The United States Army veteran-turned-country singer witnessed Trump’s signing of the Music Modernization act as well — and tweeted that he was “honored” to be there.

“Honored to be at the presidential signing of the Music Modernization Act into law,” he tweeted.

10.) MercyMe. The Grammy-nominated Christian band featuring Bart Millard, Nathan Cochran, Michael John Scheuchzer, Robin Shaffer, and Barry Graul was also in attendance when Trump signed the Music Modernization Act.

The group performed at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2017.

Tom Joyce is a freelance writer from the South Shore of Massachusetts. He covers sports, pop culture, and politics and has contributed to The Federalist, Newsday, and other outlets.