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Un-American – The Lawfare Against President Donald Trump | The Rob Maness Show EP 321

The weaponized Justice Department’s efforts to eliminate the main opponent against President Joe Biden continues but is apparently failing spectacularly! With the news this week that Mr. Trump is having difficulty raising the nearly half a billion dollars he needs in the New York cases for his appeal bond, we shouldn’t take our eyes off the most important cases against him, the criminal DC January 6 case and the Florida classified documents case. Both have critical developments that reveal the cracks in wacko special counsel Jack Smith’s novel legal theories that will possibly lead to delays beyond the election if not dismissals of some or maybe even all charges against him. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since the January 6 narrative crumbles more every day and the classified documents outcome in the Biden case came out as it did. If they think they’re taking Trump down, they’ve lost their minds as last night’s new republican primary results show, with Trump taking 80 percent or more of the vote and racking up delegate tallies that crush any and all opposition and seal the deal on his nomination! My guest today is independent investigative journalist Julie Kelly. Julie has been investigating cases like the Whitmer fed knapping, the January 6th “insurrection” false narrative, the lawfare cases against President Trump, and I might add, the January 6th political prisoners, for over three years now. Along with Revolver News Darren Beatty and the Blaze Steve Baker Julie has doggedly investigated the J6 pipe bomb incidents at the DNC and RNC headquarters and she uncovered the new evidence that bomb sniffing dog teams were used there.

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