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Americans Are Signing The Re-Declaration Of Independence | The Rob Maness Show EP 292

We saw the Declaration for Military Accountability release on January 1st 2024 by military citizens demanding accountability in our government but before that, the Re-declaration of Independence effort started in the fall of 2023. From their website “The Re-Declaration of Independence is a national petition for Representative accountability. We are officially petitioning our government and it’s representatives for redress. Our Elected Representatives have failed “We the People” and The Washington, D.C. Establishment, have become “the Men of King George”. We citizens, of these United States are now pawns in the Washington, D.C. empire scheme, much as the American Colonies had become vassal states to the British Empire. Sadly, history DOES repeat itself, especially for those who ignore its teachings. It’s time to recommit to the vows of Liberty that our Founders took 250 years ago. Only through a collective effort backed by millions of Liberty Loving Americans, can we hope to peacefully guide America back to its Founding Values by forcing change in our representation.” My guest today is the primary drafter of the re-declaration Barry Hinckley. "Barry" Hinckley is a great grandson of Colonel James Barrett, Commander of the Minute Men who engaged the British in 1775 at the North Bridge in Concord, Ma. Coincidently he was born on April 18th, the day the riders left Boston to alert the Minute Men. He is also a software entrepreneur, having co-founded Bullhorn Software. Barry was a former US Senate Candidate from Rhode Island vs Sheldon Whitehouse. Barry has been active in pursuing limited government and constitutional values since the Tea Party Movement in Boston in 2008, which though much maligned by the mainstream media, in hindsight predicted much of the problems our nation is facing today.

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