ABC Claims to Be Unbiased, Blurs Out “Text Trump to 88022” | Nike Went All in on Hating Real Women

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Today’s best:

1: ABC claims to be unbiased news, but they blurred out "TEXT TRUMP TO 88022"

2: FLASHBACK: Will Smith has Trump Derangement Syndrome, Stage 6 at least.

3: It looks like Nike went all in on hating real women. Did they not see the backlash Bud Light got for touting a biological male as a woman?

4: Bill Clinton Wishes Ukraine Had Nukes, Accidentally Makes The Case For The Second Amendment
Soooo... if they were better armed, they'd be better able to defend themselves?
Since that's the argument, can we remove the 'Gun Free School Zone' signs and protect our children with armed guards now?

5: KJP Stumbles When Doocy Confronts Her On Joe Biden's Lies About The CCP Spy Balloon

6: Nancy Pelosi, also known as a sad old warmongering drunk... Talk about being called out to your face…

7: Wow. Jake Tapper leads with phrasing “anti-vaccine quack” and they call this news?

8: Hollywood insider gets red pilled

9: Trump Attorney Alina Habba: Beating Bragg’s charges will be no challenge at all. Alvin Bragg will go down as a disgraced District Attorney.

10: WOW... keep in mind this is CNN's own polling...
"Beyond sobering..."

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