This Is the Name of Megyn Kelly’s New Show

The title of Megyn Kelly’s latest NBC program was revealed by Page Six on Thursday morning and was to be shared at internal meetings at NBC as well. The upcoming morning show will be called — wait for it! — “Megyn Kelly Today.” That’s apparently part of an effort to tuck it under the “Today Show” franchise umbrella when it debuts on Sept. 25, 2017.

The weekday series will air at 9 a.m. and will replace “Today’s Take,” the third hour of “The Today Show.”

Kelly’s other program, this summer’s “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly,” never picked up steam in the ratings. It has received serious criticism for its host’s abilities as a journalist and interviewer.

That's why it's rather startling to see NBC push forward with yet another series with Kelly, let alone one that includes her name in the title. However, the network reportedly paid $17 million or more in compensation for Kelly, so it's likely hoping a lighter toned morning show will fit her skill set better — and help the investment pay off.

"NBC News bosses have patience," a network source told Page Six. The source added the network was happy with Kelly's low-rated, controversy-filled summer program, saying it "was a limited summer run. And they are very happy with the strong journalism and quality of the program."

The source also revealed Kelly has already begun shooting on her morning show. It's a fast turnaround, since the series was just recently announced and Kelly only made her debut on NBC in the past few months.

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It remains to be seen whether she can overcome bad ratings and heavy criticism to become a popular and reliable host on her morning program. Still, the lighter, fluffier format is no doubt a more comfortable fit for the television host, who seemed out of her depth when interviewing such public figures as Russian President Vladimir Putin and InfoWars founder and host Alex Jones.

Last Modified: July 27, 2017, 1:30 pm

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