Sunday night’s virus-inspired Democrat debate, in a sexist manner excluding a woman still in the race, between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders had no seeming theme even though the CNN types hosting it tried to give it one. Instead, both codgers just sounded like two guys in a barbershop arguing over ancient baseball stats.

Joe Biden took swings at Sanders and missed, a lot. But he did land a couple. Sanders went after Biden and hit home more than Biden did. However, their zeal to outtalk the other led them to strange places.

The best being when, in a discussion of Communist China, Biden comes off as Joe McCarthy and also denies that China is a rapacious capitalist state. Thus also denying the last forty years of Chinese history. Sanders, the socialist, has to correct him and in doing so lauds the very same kind of Chinese capitalist record he claims to abhor here.

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That kind of logic was par for the night. Other highlights?

Biden- Joe was on spin cycle the entire night, to the point he oddly asked for action over and over again on matters that the White House is already engaging in. The unreality of his confused requests didn’t seem to faze him. He touted his hatred for tax cuts, mistakenly said undocumented “alien” instead of the PC mandated “person”, slyly got in a shot at Bernie’s “underlying (health) conditions”, wussed out on a Super PAC question, and endorsed the socialist next to him for president in case he himself loses.

Biden supported “sanctuary” cities, promised a female veep, and seemed to desire American coronavirus deaths to make Trump look bad. He also tried to imply that Sanders is owned by the gun manufacturers.

Sanders- Came out slugging and constantly hit Biden over votes on trade, the Defense of Marriage Act, and the Iraq War. He wants government money spent for psychologists for those “traumatized” by this virus (Why not the same for all flu victims? Uh huh), got the better of Biden on the Super PAC question, claimed Biden wanted to cut social security and programs for veterans, and implied Biden is for illegal immigrant “slavery.”

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Bernie and Biden both, though refusing to say it, strongly favor open borders. Sanders admitted the young don’t vote and was also nearly salivating for U.S. deaths from the virus so Trump would be blamed. He was on his usual hate the rich rant (he, a millionaire with three houses) and banged on and on over socialized healthcare.

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The debate result, a minor Sanders win, won’t move polls regardless of the press bias for Biden. Basically, they spoke for two hours and said close to nothing of importance or intelligence. Not exactly a surprise from these two.