After he is nominated, it is made public that a candidate on the Democratic ticket for the presidency has suffered from serious mental issues. His partner on the ticket initially backs him “1000%” and then, when the heat becomes too intense, the party boots him off the ticket and replaces the former candidate with someone else.

Then the Democratic ticket, led by a left-wing candidate, goes on to one of the worst beatings at the polls in American political history at the hands of a Republican incumbent president who is greatly hated by the Left and the Democrats.

An upcoming scenario? What’s going to happen in November? It has happened before, in 1972…

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Democratic nominee liberal Senator George McGovern of South Dakota names Senator Thomas Eagleton of Missouri to be his veep. Eagleton is soon revealed to have had serious psychological issues. So much so he received electroshock therapy.

McGovern at first backs Eagleton “1000%” then hangs him out to dry and replaces him with one of the Kennedys the Democrats had lying around then. That new veep nominee, Sargent Shriver, dad to the future wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and McGovern go on to lose 49 out of 50 states to GOP President Richard Nixon.

Will history repeat itself with the Democrats? This time with the presidential nominee, not the veep?

Joe Biden’s latest gaffe, inadvertently telling an audience not once, but twice, to vote for Trump, has the GOP licking its chops and the Democrats nervous. Obama’s own doctor says Biden is not a healthy man. Liberal, Sanders-supporting radio host Joe Rogan is blatantly calling Biden mentally unfit for the presidency.

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The Republicans cannot say anything too hard, lest they be accused of heartless cruelty towards a mentally handicapped person. But the thought of Biden, his gaffes, his lapsed memory, his weird stories, his halting speech patterns, and the rest of the off-the-mark package going up against Donald Trump in the fall debates has Democrats talking of what to do about him before he gets the nomination.

Do you think Joe Biden has the mental fitness to serve as president?

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Lest he win in Milwaukee, and soon, they experience a drastic case of buyer’s remorse.