Medical progress stops if the Democrats gain the White House

Long lines and longer waits for essential medicines and medical services are in store for America if Biden or Sanders takes power.

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Many Democrats and Leftists —like Joe Biden and Michael Moore— abhor the American healthcare system. One Leftist running for the Democratic nomination for president, Bernie Sanders, has lauded the healthcare systems of various socialist paradises like Cuba. Though, one never sees him going to Havana for his own medical procedures.

This presidential election year the Democrats have not only declared war on private healthcare, but on the pharmaceutical firms that provide Americans with cutting-edge drugs that save millions from death every year. The way those drugs are developed, tested, and brought to the public is by the profits made from the sale of other drugs and services.

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But all that would be brought to a screeching halt under a Biden or Sanders administration.

While the government elite would still get quality healthcare, the average American, the drug and private medical firms being close to run out of business, would be reduced to substandard care and antiquated medical practices and technology.

Lines will blossom at emergency rooms and other primary care facilities, as “free” healthcare would be taken advantage of by people who exploit anything of little value. Salaries for doctors and medical specialists would plummet, as highly skilled physicians and technicians alight for climes where they can be properly compensated for their long education and long hours at work.

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That will leave most hospitals in the hands of recent government appointees, more concerned about producing reports to please their new socialist bosses than they are with serving patients. If you have read about the worst situations in the VA healthcare system, think that…only ten times as bad.

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Those with dire medical situations will have to wait, sometimes until their time has run out, for complex and urgent medical care. A black market will spring up for medical care, as desperate patients seek any way to get around the inefficient and dangerous government socialized healthcare system.

That is what awaits an America under Joe Biden, and more so, under Bernie Sanders. In November, hopefully Americans will vote as if their lives depended on it.

They just might.

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