Hollywood is in mourning today over the fact that Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has dropped out of the presidential race.

Immediately after Warren made the announcement that she is ending her campaign, the liberal stars of Hollywood began taking to social media, acting as if someone had tragically died.

“I am grieving,” tweeted Ashley Judd, who appeared on the campaign trail with Warren at times. She went on to add defiantly that she is still a “#WarrenDemocrat.”

Actress Bette Midler made the entire situation about gender, questioning “Why do smart women freak Americans out so bad?”

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Of course, it hasn’t occurred to Midler that Warren’s gender might have nothing to do with it, and it could have been her policies that turned off the American people.

Unsurprisingly, however, Midler wasn’t the only Hollywood personality to bring gender into this, as comedian Andy Richter blamed “misogyny” for why Warren dropped out.

Diedrich Bader of “Veep” and “Better Things” fame tweeted that he was “devastated” by Warren dropping out, before sharing a tweet from someone who also blamed “misogyny” for her lack of success in the race.

Comedic actor Patton Oswalt lamented the fact that the only Democrats remaining are a “dynamic field of cranky septuagenarian dudes.”

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Actor Jeffrey Wright also paid tribute to Warren, saying that he would miss her presence.

“Thought she might get there,” he tweeted. “I appreciate what she brought to the table, particularly that she speaks to income inequality & class w/o taking a bludgeon to race dynamics and winking at racists. A woman in this thing has to be twice the man. She pretty much was.”

Finally, A-list star Ben Stiller complained that there aren’t any women or minorities left in the race.

Democrats have become so obsessed with race and gender that they don’t realize that by making absolutely everything about these two things, they have become racist and sexist themselves. The fact that Warren was a woman played no role in her lack of support.

In fact, it arguably helped her get her footing in the race despite the fact that she is a known liar who clearly had no idea how to pay for the radical plans she was going to put in place if she became president.

Make no mistake: Despite what the liberal elites of Hollywood say, we as a nation are better off now that Warren can’t get anywhere near the White House.