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As Trump guards U.S. border, Turkey opens gates for Syrian refugees heading to Europe

The influx could be bigger than in the past, flooding Europe.

Image Credit: Guardian News/YouTube

National leaders, like President Trump, all over the world are trying to control their borders. But Islamist Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is throwing his gates open so Syrian refugees can have easier access to Europe and the European Union’s cultural masochism, easy resettlement cash, and welfare state benefits.

“It’s done, the gates are open,” Erdoğan said Monday, saying that Western European leaders were pleading with him to close the border again. “You will have your share of this burden now.” Soon, he said, “the number of people going to the border will be expressed in millions.”

Erdoğan’s move comes after his numerous complaints to E.U. powers that they have not done enough to help Turkey deal with the 3.5 million Syrian refugees the nation already houses.

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His announcement comes as thousands of refugees tried to get into the E.U.’s Greece by pushing through its border with Turkey. The Greeks deployed police and refused to open their border to let the migrants enter.

As well they should.

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Since the uncontrolled migration of Syrian and other refugees into Europe, almost one million allowed into Germany alone by Chancellor Angela Merkel since 2015, the record has been one of cultural conflict and increasing levels of societal tension.

As the refugees refuse to assimilate and indeed attempt to impose their culture and beliefs on their host nations, Germany, Sweden, France, Italy, and other E.U. nations are rethinking their open-door policies.

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Italy and the Scandinavian nations are in open rebellion and refuse more refugees. The Eastern Europeans accepted few in the first place and thus are generally exempt from the fallout. After years of E.U. immigration laxity, in France and the U.K. there are entire areas under de facto Islamist control where Sharia law rules and local police dare not go.

These developments are a stark reminder of what could happen here if a Democrat president and Congress were elected that could bring this type of immigration turmoil to the U.S. to a worse degree than America already suffers from it.

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