George Conway, husband of presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway, is at it again in his never-ending low blows against the Trump administration.

This time, George Conway is criticizing first lady Melania Trump for protecting her own son, young Barron Trump, against an out-of-bounds remark made Wednesday by Stanford law professor Pamela Karlan during the House Judiciary Committee’s live, televised impeachment hearing on Capitol Hill.

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Professor Karlan, to near-universal revulsion, referenced the president’s son in a bad pun made at the child’s expense.

Children, by common political agreement, as well as families, are civilians and thus not to be targeted by political smears.

Karlan, under the glare of the camera lights, chose to ignore that prohibition — and now George Conway is springing to her indirect defense.

This tweet from Conway highlights his petulant nonchalance toward the incident.

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“So no one should be pretending that the president and his supporters weren’t using his youngest son today to distract from his crimes,” said Conway.

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It remains to be seen how the president or his supporters are “using” Barron Trump when a partisan Democrat witness — not they — brought up the young teenager in the first place.

After Karlan made her heinous remarks, the first lady, like a lioness enraged, defended her son in this comment.

This latest comment by George Conway is unfortunately just another in a series of tweets and broadsides by him against President Donald Trump and his administration.

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These broadsides have been getting more overwrought as of late and definitely personal, given his indirect tie to the administration.

With this latest outburst, he dials the 1-10 meter up to 11 and seems to be going out of his way to use any pretext, no matter how petty, to go after the president.

The president himself, by the way, has strongly criticized George Conway in the past for his comments, even calling him “a whack job” not long ago.

Conway, it seems, is deliberately making himself a cardboard villain in the Trump saga.

To this analyst, at least, his words and actions are so over the top, so obviously insincerely manufactured, that they’re reminiscent of the classic comment, “Methinks the lady doth protest too much.”

The question is: Why?

Putting aside a legitimate ideological disagreement, as that is rarely the issue in D.C., what does George Conway gain from this campaign to abuse the president — and now the first lady? Yes, credibility with the Dems and the Left toward a future reward, perhaps.

But he could have received that for far less controversial comments on behalf of the Left.

So what’s he up to, really?

The answer to that query has become a popular parlor game in some D.C. circles.

No matter what the proper response is, one can be pretty sure Conway will continue his slander campaign for the immediate future.

However, by setting himself up as such an easy character to hate for Trump supporters, and by providing a backlash of sympathy for the president every time he speaks, Conway is actually helping President Trump paint his enemies with a broad and exceedingly negative brush — something Conway undoubtedly already knows.