In any marriage — and it certainly holds true for political unions — the support of each spouse for the other is usually a given.

Democrat consultant and pundit James Carville and GOP strategist and writer Mary Matalin, though working different sides of the aisle, have a long-lasting marriage because their work remains just that — work.

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They never or rarely clash in public or challenge each other for all to see.

The same is not true about lawyer and fervent anti-Trumper George Conway toward his wife, Kellyanne Conway, White House counselor.

On Friday, aside from his usual virulent criticism of the president, George Conway publicly agreed that his wife is “an enabler” and that her boss in the White House is a “criminal.”

He also agreed his wife is a “cheerleader” for a “criminal.”

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See these tweets:

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(Conway’s Twitter profile pic also interestingly bears little physical resemblance to Conway himself.)

President Donald Trump himself, earlier in the day, called out George Conway during a phone interview on “Fox & Friends” on Friday.

Trump was asked about George Conway’s speculation that Nikki Haley is fighting to be on the 2020 ticket as the GOP vice presidential nominee.

“Well, first of all, Kellyanne is great, but she’s married to a total whack job,” the president replied bluntly, as is his wont.

“I think she must have done some number on him, Ainsley,” Trump said jokingly to co-host Ainsley Earhardt.

“I don’t know what Kellyanne did to that guy,” Trump went on. “He’s got to be some kind of a nut job. She must have done some bad things to him because that guy is crazy.”

The argument in some circles, in regard to the Conway marriage, is that both Kellyanne Conway and George Conway are canny D.C. players with the long view in mind. She stays loyal to the president and her husband gains credibility with the opposition.

If the president emerges victorious and is re-elected in 2020, she gains.

If the president falls through impeachment and conviction in the Senate, or is not re-elected, she has open channels through her husband to the GOP opposition to Trump and to the general Trump opposition as well.

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This, admittedly, may seem like a stretch. But, to this writer at least, the newfound personal criticism of his wife by George Conway reads like a script fashioned by a political pro, one concocted to throw fuel on a fire for dramatic purposes. It’s pure speculation, of course.

It’s worth pointing out that Kellyanne Conway has always taken the high road. She’s highly accomplished and effective in her work for the president. She stays on topic, she’s positive, she’s focused — and she moves forward with her head held high.

And when CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interviewed her recently on set and tried the underhanded trick of saying her marriage had “issues,” she immediately called him out for it — and did so with aplomb.

It wasn’t a good look for Blitzer at all.

If you haven’t seen the clip — and the blowback Blitzer received from others for it — take a look:

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