Why Katie Hill’s Month Has Gone Downhill

Former Democratic lawmaker could not resist wading into a Twitter battle with a Republican congressman over something that had nothing to do with her

Image Credit: Twitter, Rep. Katie Hill

Former Rep. Katie Hill (D-Calif.) has not had a good month.

The Democratic lawmaker’s unconventional personal life was splashed all across the tabloids. That complicated personal life included a pending divorce, the threat of a congressional investigation into her professional ethical standards, and her resignation from Congress.

For a Democrat with that in her past, the smart move would be to lay low for a while, then resurface, claim she was the victim of an intolerant GOP crusade against alternative lifestyles, land some sympathetic media — then maybe nab a cushy job in the liberal hive.

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(At least that’s how some people would have played it — and have played it.)

After a couple of years, Hill could then run for her old seat in leftist California — and probably take it back.

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But above and beyond the smart move, there is the intrinsic hatred of humor by those on the Left, especially satirical humor directed at the Left.

That’s why “Saturday Night Live” has become the Bataan Death March of Comedy, trudging every week along the same “Orange Man Bad” road of lame jokes by way of worn-out material.

Katie Hill, as a modern leftist, is chock-full of this grim outlook, it seems to me.

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So when Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) decided to send out some tweets — and then when the first letters, when combined, spelled out the popular “Epstein didn’t kill himself” line, as seen all over social media — Hill decided she had to upbraid him.

This — even though the tweets had nothing to do with her.

She responded with a charge of “tweeting out real conspiracy theories.”

Yes, the acrostic was not a sign to her; it was a joke.

The screaming girl and cat-based progenitors to the Gosar tweets were not hints to Hill.

The literally thousands of other humorous memes on the alleged Epstein suicide did not offer her any illumination.

Instead, Hill went for the tried-and-true Democrat tactic of immediately claiming personal offense and thus victimhood.

But Gosar, a dentist by trade, knows how to inflict discomfort.

So he gave her retort time to sink in and then lowered the big nasty dental drill of rhetorical revenge: “You’re surprised by me? You single-handedly taught an entire country a new word. #throuple. And wth is up with that tattoo? Relax.”

In that last line, Gosar is referencing to the awkward ink of a Third Reich Iron Cross that Hill sports on her … um … torso, as revealed by her estranged husband when he found out she was cheating on him with a female staffer.

He subsequently went to a British tabloid with intimate pics — and the rest is sleazy modern history.

Hill should have left well enough alone and kept her nose out of something that had nothing to do with her.

Instead, the now-former lawmaker had the nagging feeling that someone, somewhere, was making fun of a liberal sacred cow — and as a leftist, she had to put a stop to it.

Gosar made her pay for it.

Well played, Doc.

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