Biden Would Best Trump Right Now, Says Fox News Poll — But Voters Are Not Interested in Impeachment

Yet all is not certain for the former vice president for 2020 — not by a longshot

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On the heels of a newly released poll that finds former Vice President Joe Biden would best President Donald Trump by 12 points in a current matchup, voters surveyed on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday showed little if no enthusiasm for impeachment.

While the election is a full year away, voters in the Fox News poll gave Biden wide marks ahead of his primary opponents, beating next-best Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) by double digits.

The only two other candidates within striking distance are Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana.

This cluster of four frontrunners has remained the field to beat for the last month.

But all is not certain for Biden — as early frontrunners are big targets and have recent Democrat histories (Clinton vs. Obama 2008, anyone?) of peaking too early.

Thus, many candidates prefer to be the hunters, not the hunted, going into an election year.

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Biden gains an advantage because 80 percent of Democrat voters, according to this poll released on Sunday, say it is extremely important to them that the party’s nominee can beat President Trump.

Biden’s past reputation as a moderate — though he has changed lately — helps drive the perception he could possibly challenge Trump in battleground states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania, both of which Trump won by narrow margins in 2016.

Seventy-two percent of Dem voters also feel that Biden shares their views on vital issues.

Democrat pollster Chris Anderson, however, cautioned in comments to Fox News, “If Hillary Clinton were to enter the race, she’d likely do so near the top of the pack. And Michelle Obama could probably clear the field.”

This generally good news for Biden is in contrast with the reaction of voters when asked by “Meet the Press” over the weekend what they thought of the possible impeachment of Trump.

All voters surveyed were either apathetic to it — or outright opposed.

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Minnesota voter Jim Baird said it was “a waste of time.”

New Hampshire voter Gary Chynoweth said that instead of impeachment, the nation should rely “on checks and balances” in the system.

South Carolina voter Tracy Veillette commented about the Ukrainian call on which the impeachment campaign is based, “From one president to another, it was absolutely appropriate.”

Upon hearing those answers, media panelists were quick to disparage the credibility of the surveyed voters — and to defend the popularity of impeachment.

In a response that showcases her problematic understanding of polling, New York Times reporter Helene Cooper opined on “Meet the Press,” “I wonder who are all the voters that’s you’re talking to … You could have gotten, like, 10 other people saying something completely different.”

This could put the Biden campaign in a bind, as impeachment may be very popular in the New York, L.A., and D.C. bubble.

But if this survey is any indication, average voters do not feel it is of overwhelming importance.

That would hurt Biden, who has come out for impeachment, in the battleground states he must win to beat Trump.

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Also, the timing and probable outcome is not auspicious for the Dems.

If Trump were to be impeached by the Dem House, the GOP Senate likely would not vote to remove Trump from office. A resolution, in fact, that has condemned the House impeachment process has already received 50 GOP co-sponsors. Sixty-seven votes would be needed to remove the president from office.

In addition, Trump would claim complete exoneration and vindication going into the presidential election year — and charge the entire affair was a complete waste of time and resources.

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