Ratings are in for Sunday night’s Grammy Awards and the numbers are a pretty mixed bag.

On the one hand, they’re pretty steady with last year’s ratings. On the other hand, last year’s ratings dropped by a whopping 20 percent — meaning this year’s numbers are nothing to brag about, by any means.

Sunday’s Grammy Awards ceremony, which were hosted by Alicia Keys (pictured above left), earned a 5.6 rating in the much-coveted 18-49 demo, which represents a five-percent drop from last year’s ratings.

The actual viewership numbers were fairly steady. This year’s show earned 19.9 million viewers while 2018’s broadcast earned 19.8 million viewers. As previously stated, 2018’s broadcast saw quite a dip from the year before meaning the new ratings for the 61st Grammy Awards are not exactly good news.

The Grammy ceremony itself earned some fairly polarized reactions. An appearance from former first lady Michelle Obama turned off many conservative viewers and inspired some to exclaim they will never watch the awards ceremony again.

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Rapper Drake had his time on the stage cut off by producers when he began talking about the meaninglessness of awards today.

Musicians Joy Villa and Ricky Rebel also announced their support for President Donald Trump through their outfit choices on the Grammys’ red carpet, though both have received backlash from the Left for their outspokenness and their conservative views.

The next major Hollywood awards show will be the Academy Awards, which will air on Sunday, February 24.

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