Exclusive: Joy Villa on Her Grammy Dress: ‘I Want the Wall Built’

LifeZette spoke to the Trump-supporting musician on Monday about the reactions she received last night — some people yelled at her, 'You're a traitor'

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After declaring her support for President Donald Trump at the 2017 Grammy Awards in bold fashion with an attention-getting Make America Great Again dress, musician Joy Villa decided to make yet another big cultural splash when she showed up at this year’s Grammys ceremony in Los Angeles.

Villa walked the Grammys’ red carpet wearing a dress that declared to the world, “Build the wall.”

The dress was also designed to exemplify the parts that a physical wall would require, such as bricks and barbed wire.

Villa also carried a handbag that stated, “Make America Great Again.”

The statement came at a time when the president is trying to get the border security wall funded — and many celebrities are claiming there simply is no border crisis to begin with (believe it or not).

LifeZette caught up with Villa by phone on Monday to find out more about her bold new dress (which can be seen above), her music career — and her daring to be an outspoken supporter of the president in today’s aggressively liberal entertainment industry.

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The “build the wall” dress was not even the original design Villa was going to sport at the Grammys, she revealed.

“Originally we had a different design that wasn’t political,” Villa said about her dress. While the original dress still had a “message,” she felt inspired only weeks before the ceremony to make a statement about border security.

Her designer Desi Allinger-Nelson, owner of Desi Designs, was in — and the final design was completed in only two weeks. The Make America Great Again purse was done in only a day.

“It just came together so beautifully,” Villa said of her stunning look.

The inspiration for making such a bold statement about border security came about when Villa saw that Democrats were not going to budge on funding, despite the undeniable crime that takes place because the country does not have proper border security.

As the president highlighted in his State of the Union address recently, sexual assaults against women and children crossing the border is running rampant, as is the influx of drugs such as heroin into America.

Villa also had the experience of being on a briefing call with President Trump himself in which he stressed the importance of a border wall.

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“This is a crisis,” Villa told LifeZette, noting that one in three women who cross the border illegally will be sexually assaulted.

“My heart is for those people. I want them to have safety and protection,” she said. Villa added that fixing border security and providing America with a wall helps to protect both American citizens and people trying to come into America who are at risk.

“I want all people to be free, but not at the expense of people who came here legally — not at the expense of citizens.”

Villa said wearing her dress at the Grammys earned her some “evil eyes” and “side eyes” from people, but no one was willing to come up to her to start a conversation.

The musician said that some members of the press who were taking pictures of her were particularly vulgar.

Some were yelling, “F*** Trump” and “You’re a traitor” while they snapped pictures of her.

To make matters worse, Villa agreed to an interview with Extra TV — but then was told she could not hold her Make America Great Again purse during the interview.

Villa has also taken to Twitter to post some of the racist and hateful messages she’s received in response to taking a stand at the Grammys.

Despite all of this, Villa said she refuses to compromise as an American or as an artist.

“I want the wall built,” she declared.

The ironic part about the pushback at the Grammys, she noted, is that “every single celebrity there has a huge border wall around their house.”

“They’re in denial of the facts.”

Villa said it’s a surprise to see such pushback against fixing America’s border security problems, since both Republicans and Democrats have made border security part of their campaigns for years.

“Every politician has pushed this as an issue,” she told LifeZette. “Trump is the only one to say, ‘Let’s actually get it done.'”

Check out Joy Villa’s latest album, the best-selling “Home Sweet Home,” here.

For more, check out the video below:

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