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George Takei Declares ‘National Trauma’ After White House Serves Fast Food

Liberal actor slams Trump's meal choice as few others complain

George Takei of “Star Trek” fame is no fan of President Donald Trump’s making fast food from McDonald’s, Wendy’s and other outlets the meal of choice during a White House visit by the Clemson Tigers football team earlier this week.

“The White House dinner for the Clemson Tigers summed up our national trauma perfectly: An isolated, self-proclaimed billionaire, ever stingy when paying the tab, forces real heroes to listen to him drone on senselessly, making this about him while their food goes cold and soggy,” the actor declared.

“National trauma” may be a bigger bite than most people are taking on this issue.

“He could have served lobster, steak and caviar with champagne, and the media still would have [complained] about it, so why bother?” wrote one Facebook commenter about the situation.

“This was absolutely awesome. These young men got to meet the president and have their favorite fast foods. How cool is that!? I love it!” replied another.

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Yet another wrote, “They condemn Trump no matter what he does. So tired of it.”

Despite criticism from the Left, Trump tweeted that the football team ate the spread he personally paid for within an hour and loved it.

“Great being with the National Champion Clemson Tigers last night at the White House. Because of the shutdown I served them massive amounts of fast food (I paid), over 1000 hamburgers etc. Within one hour, it was all gone. Great guys and big eaters!” the president tweeted.

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