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Tom Arnold: There Are Only ‘Five Black NRA Members’

Liberal actor, courting controversy once again, makes ridiculous claims about pro-Second Amendment organization

Tom Arnold’s political rhetoric is getting more and more ridiculous every day.

The comedian and actor (shown above right) has aggressively inserted himself into the political world during the presidency of Donald Trump — but it’s been a rocky road for Arnold.

He went on a misogynistic rant against conservative commentator Candace Owens.

He threatened to show up at 12-year-old Barron Trump’s school.

He joked about the president’s death.

He even hosted a show that was supposed to be an investigative takedown of the president.

“The Hunt for the Trump Tapes” found Arnold searching for audio recordings of the president saying racist or awful things that could end his presidency. Predictably, the show came up empty.

There have also been a handful of awkward interviews to spice things up.

Oh, and Arnold was even recently visited by the Secret Service due to some of his more extreme anti-Trump tweets.

Now Arnold is claiming there are only “five black NRA members.” He also called NRA members “rubes who will believe anything.”

He even went after conservative commentator and NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch (above left).

“There aren’t millions of black @NRA members. Who told you that? @DLoesch? I think there are 5 black NRA members. What’s the real number Dana L? Make me look dumb by telling your members the truth just this once. They don’t know you think they are rubes who will believe anything,” Arnold tweeted in response to a now-deleted tweet from a user claiming the NRA has millions of black members and therefore cannot be racist.

The tweet was not the only anti-NRA meltdown from Arnold for the day.

Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska, said Arnold’s claim about black NRA members was the “silliest” gun statistic ever. Arnold responded by calling her a “suck up” to the NRA — and then outrageously said she may end up being a “tragic gun statistic.”

“WATCH OUT! Right Wing @NRA Suck Up @SarahPalinUSA With all the Guns, Domestic Abuse, PTSD & Chemical Abuse in your immediate family you’re likely to became another not SILLIEST but Tragic Gun Statistic Ever. BTW she tweeted at me cause she didn’t get invited to another funeral,” he wrote.

The skin color of NRA members is not tracked by the organization, as it is far less obsessed with race than are leftists like Arnold.

The organization sees all members as gun owners regardless of color or background.

However, anyone who has been to an NRA event knows the claim that there are only a handful of black members is utterly ridiculous. Owning and using firearms is not exclusive to white people. The right of gun ownership belongs to everybody in this country and the NRA has never argued otherwise.

Twitter users have been taking Arnold to task for his ridiculous statement about the NRA.

“I have no idea how many black members [there] are, but to [be] a member of the range I belong to you have to be in the NRA, and our range president is a black man and I routinely see black members on the range,” one user responded to Arnold.

Another replied, “I suppose you can offer the proof you are asking to back up your statement? I mean, I can name five off the top of my head but I’m sure ‘celebrity’ grants you the ability to see things us mere mortals can’t, right?”

“There are only 5 black NRA members according to Tom Arnold. It’s amazing how liberals see racism in everything … except their own stereotypical racist views,” added model and actress Mindy Robinson.

People also went after Arnold for another ridiculous claim of his: He said 80 percent of gun owners end up shooting themselves or a family member.

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