Anti-Trumper Tom Arnold did not find himself in friendly waters when he appeared this week on “Megyn Kelly Today.”

Host Megyn Kelly confronted the comedian about a recent altercation between him and producer Roma Downey (“Ben-Hur,” “The Bible”).

Both Arnold and Downey have recently talked about the altercation over Twitter.

Downey claimed Arnold assaulted her and even posted a picture of her bruised hand.

Arnold, meanwhile, called her a liar and claimed he was going to file a police report against Mark Burnett, Downey’s husband and producing partner. He said Burnett choked him, and he ended up in the hospital.

The altercation allegedly began because Arnold confronted Burnett — who produced Trump’s “Apprentice” shows — about supposed tapes being kept from the public that include Trump’s using racist language on the set of “The Apprentice.”

Kelly confronted Arnold about the incident and asked directly whether he assaulted Downey.

Arnold avoided the question multiple times, and the segment quickly became a disaster.

“Did you cause that bruise?” Kelly asked Arnold, referring to the picture posted to Twitter by Downey.

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The comedian laughed and eventually joked, “Roma Downey’s like, ‘Julie Chen, hold my beer.'”

Though he tried to laugh off the matter with a lazy joke, Kelly was not amused and continued to press.

“Stop that, Tom,” she said. “Don’t disparage her [Downey] in personal terms. Or Julie Chen, for that matter.”

“She said I assaulted her publicly. That’s disparaging me,” the comedian fired back.

He then denied causing the bruise and said he was the one who was assaulted.

Arnold then tried to make another joke by poking fun at Downey’s background as the lead actress on the successful, faith-friendly television series “Touched by an Angel.”

“That woman was ‘Touched by an Angel’ on TV, right? Now, she’s touched by Tom Arnold. She’s touched by the devil right there!” Arnold joked, making light of the assault allegation.

The segment then became extremely heated, as Kelly said the matter was not “fun and games.”

Arnold did what he does best when pushed into a corner — he went political.

“If you defend [Brett] Kavanaugh and those guys, maybe you defend me for one second,” the “True Lies” star said.

Kelly remained calm and replied, “No, I won’t,” she said. “And I am not defending Kavanaugh … I will set the record straight … What I want is a fair hearing for Kavanaugh and his accuser.”

Arnold has a history of verbally lashing out at women who disagree with him. He previously attacked conservative commentator Candace Owens on Twitter by telling her to “suck racist d***.”

Arnold was appearing on “Megyn Kelly Today” to promote his show “The Hunt for the Trump Tapes,” a reality series in which the leftist comedian seeks out damaging audio clips that will end Trump’s presidency.

Watch the segment about the alleged Downey assault between Kelly and Arnold below: