Ever since her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes on Sunday night for the Cecil B. DeMille award, the internet has been abuzz with talk about a possible 2020 presidential run by Oprah Winfrey. Much of the excitement has been contained to liberal circles, of course — even as people close to Oprah say she would never do it.

On Tuesday night’s “Ingraham Angle” on Fox News, host Laura Ingraham referenced the hypothetical run, describing Oprah’s speech as “nicely-written and well-delivered.” She also said that “it was purely political.”

Most actors and actresses at the Golden Globes, including Winfrey, wore black as an expression of protest against sexual harassment in the workplace and gender disparities in compensation and career advancement. Many also wore Time’s Up pins.

Some Democrat members of Congress now plan to mirror that not-so-colorful demonstration in a show of solidarity for the movement. They, too, plan to wear black. They will be making their fashion statement not at an awards show — but at the president’s State of the Union address on January 30.

Ingraham is not alone in her concerns about the timing of the Time’s Up demonstration and the seeming hypocrisy it highlights. Many have noted that the Harvey Weinsteins and Kevin Spaceys of the world owe part of their “success” to the hiding of their heinous crimes — and to the conspiratorial silence of those who knew but refused to speak up to protect the victims.

Until now, that is — when it’s not only fashionable to be part of this so-called movement, it’s basically a Hollywood work requirement.

Members of Congress will apparently be making a fashion statement not at an awards show — but at the president’s State of the Union address on January 30.

Ingraham praised Oprah for the compelling way she spoke of her own history of abuse as a child. She also described the American icon as accomplished, smart, and fun to watch. However, Ingraham noted, “Surely she knew that both straight and gay men in Hollywood had abused their positions of power for years. There are victims all over the place. So my question is, What took them so long?”

She offered a theory about the over-the-top excitement by some about the thought of Oprah Winfrey running for president.

“Since that Russia collusion narrative about President Trump hasn’t materialized, and since all these predictions about the ‘Trumpocolypse’ haven’t come true, the economy’s doing so well, the left is desperately scrambling for anything to hold on to — anything to give them hope,” said Ingraham. “So it’s ‘Hoperah.’ She’s their lifeline. I say Oprah should throw her hat in the ring. Why not?”

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On Tuesday, during a White House meeting with lawmakers and members of his cabinet, President Trump said to the media, “Oprah [as a presidential candidate] would be a lot of fun. I know her very well. I did one of her last shows … I like Oprah. I don’t think she’s going to run.”

Time will tell, of course.

“If she did run, before long I predict she’s going to have a lot more respect for just how hard it was for Donald Trump, a total outsider to politics to have run, beaten all those Republicans, beat the Obamas, beat the Clintons, beat the media, beat Hollywood — and won it all,” said Ingraham on Tuesday night.

Michele Blood is a freelance writer based in Flemington, New Jersey.