Carol Burnett Gets the Standing Ovation She Deserves

Multitalented comedian and acting legend had many at the Golden Globes in awe of her presence — so utterly appropriate!

The Golden Globes crowd in Hollywood on Sunday night almost didn’t know what to do with itself when comedy legend Carol Burnett took the stage early in the evening.

She stood next to actress Jennifer Aniston as the two came out to present the Golden Globe award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series.

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At that moment, all of the black dresses and black suits, all of the “solidarity” efforts by those in attendance, all of the “me too” statements against those who would try to harass or abuse women in the industry, or who already did so — all of it fell away.

And what we saw, for a few moments, was an individual who for years displayed her acting and comedic abilities in front of television audiences week after week, project after project, year after year, on “The Carol Burnett Show” and elsewhere.

No wonder the audience in attendance gave this award-winning actress a standing ovation.

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No wonder they applauded.

No wonder they gave her the attention she earned after six decades of hard work.

Carol Burnett may be 84 — but she’s timeless.

No wonder someone tweeted out: “How do we get a sitcom starring Jennifer Aniston & Carol Burnett in 2018? Someone make it happen! #GoldenGlobes.”

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“Jennifer Aniston got the opportunity of a lifetime when presenting with Carol Burnett at Sunday night’s Golden Globe awards. Aniston gushed on stage with her ‘idol’ and, with Burnett’s permission, the ‘Friends’ alum tugged on Burnett’s ear in a nod to the legendary comedian’s signature sign-off,” as People magazine reported.

“Kinky!” Burnett joked after seeing that, asking, “Was it everything you dreamed it would be?”

Carol Burnett, we love you. We appreciate you — for your body of work, for your contributions, and for your inspiring abilities.

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