Kid Rock Under Fire for Selling Pro-Trump Merchandise

Can't a guy sell what he wants to sell?

The Michigan-based rocker has slowly turned himself into one of the most vocal conservative artists over the past few years — and now people are on his case.

After changing up his hard rock style and endorsing Republican Mitt Romney for president in 2012, Rock became an ardent supporter of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. Rock took his support for the president-elect a step further on Monday by introducing a line of pro-Trump merchandise to his website’s store. One T-shirt reads, “GOD GUNS & TRUMP,” while a hat familiar to Trump supporters is adorned with, “MAKE AMERICA BADA** AGAIN.”

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Other shirts shoot for more unsavory humor, but the whole line is earning Rock controversy for his support of Trump.

“Kid Rock, I’m truly disappointed in you. What compelled you to make Trump mercy shirts? Did your dying career do this to you? So much shame,” wrote one Twitter user in response.

“The east and west coast of America is where the most educated ppl are which makes sense that you don’t like them,” tweeted another to the musician. Another, @angelj889, responded with, “that’s awful not a fan anymore..u forget ur child, the blue states u made money in.”

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The response from liberal fans only got worse from there — with someone suggesting Kid Rock start selling KKK hoods and another claiming he had lost all respect for the artist. “No longer a fan, you disgust me,” tweeted @Bill_Queenan.

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It wasn’t all bad for Kid Rock. The website claims the merchandise was added due to “popular demand,” and the man’s patriotic and country friendly music typically appeals to Middle America and conservative-leaning citizens more than anyone else.

“I don’t think Kid Rock gives a rats behind about what people think about his merchandise,” tweeted @d_pitz in support. @Zane_Michaels tweeted, “Now that’s a great Christmas present right there now.”

Others tweeted out what Kid Rock songs they were listening to in support of his merchandise introduction, as well as thanking him and even suggesting he play at the January inauguration for Trump.

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The response from the Left regarding Kid Rock’s new merchandise isn’t a surprise — he’s a celebrity who dared to think differently and dared to please his fan base, which is never an uncontroversial move for an artist today. While he’ll be laughing all the way to the bank, leftists will continue to up their vitriol toward Trump and any public supporters.

What we are seeing is a grand form of irony. President Barack Obama represented a “movement” for Democrats when he first ran and won office. His face adorned paintings, music videos — the movement was so influential that it was marketable and exciting to everyday voters.

Republicans finally have their own movement. His name is Donald Trump. His victory on Nov. 8 has not only sparked the beginnings of a political change, but a cultural one. It’s that cultural change that people on the Left fear the most — the response to Kid Rock’s new pro-Trump gear proves this in spades.

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