Update, Sept. 14, 2016: Hillary Clinton released some medical “records” on Wednesday afternoon with details about her health, including the medications she is taking — but many people remain skeptical this tells her entire health history.

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It can be tough to get past the smoke and mirrors of the Clinton campaign to discern what’s really going on with Hillary’s health.

Despite an explanation of pneumonia for her latest health scare on 9/11 in New York City, physicians and many others are voicing their concern that what we see, what we know — and what we’re told — just don’t add up.

“You can’t have someone whose health is compromised starting out the presidency,” said one physician.

“We deserve to know the details about what is going on, and I would hope and suspect that her physician would be forthcoming,” said Dr. Robert Klinestiver, a pulmonologist and critical care specialist from the Indianapolis area, on “The Laura Ingraham Show” Tuesday.

“When you’re a candidate for president of the United states, your rights to privacy are trumped by the public’s need to know,” Klinestiver told LifeZette in a follow-up conversation. “And we should know the entire list of medications she’s on, and why she’s on each one of those. I have major concerns about her health — and you can’t have someone whose health is compromised already at the beginning of their presidency.”

The state of Hillary Clinton’s health is a legitimate campaign issue, and people want to know the truth.

Here’s what we know about Hillary’s health episodes:

1998 — Blot Clot Behind Her Knee, Deep Vein Thrombosis
While attending a fundraiser as first lady, Hillary’s right foot swelled up so much that she couldn’t put on her shoe. Doctors discovered a large blood clot behind her knee. This was her first case of deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, a dangerous condition that can lead to blood clots in the lungs — which are sometimes fatal. She began taking a short-term blood thinner, Lovenox.

2005 — Fainted, Claimed 24-Hour Virus
During a luncheon speech in Buffalo, New York, while she was a senator, Clinton fainted, citing a 24-hour virus. “She told the crowd she was queasy,” then-Erie County Democratic Chairman Len Lenihan told CNN. Dr. Stephanie Pincus, a professor at the University of Buffalo, told TV station WIVB at the time, “She has had a GI virus — an acute gastrointestinal illness — and she has been sick for at least a day and she needed some fluids. She needed to sit down and relax. She had clearly consulted with physicians beforehand.”

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2009 — Another Blood Clot
She developed an additional blood clot for undisclosed reasons. Excessive blood clotting could be caused by her frequent air travel and long periods of sitting.

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2009 — Fractured Her Elbow 
She fell while walking from the State Department to the White House and ended up breaking an elbow. The break required a two-hour repair surgery.

2011 — Fell While Boarding a Plane
She seems to have tripped on something, which led to the fall, but it is not 100 percent clear why she fell.

2012 — Became Dehydrated, Fainted, Hit Her Head, Developed a Concussion
As a result of a stomach virus, Clinton became dehydrated and fainted in her home. The resulting concussion required a six-month recovery period, and she had double vision for months afterward.

2013 — Blood Clot in Her Brain
She began anticoagulation therapy with the drug Coumadin.

2013 — Long Naps in the Afternoon
An aide disclosed in an email that Clinton often took long naps in the afternoon and awoke feeling confused.

2016 — Had to Be Helped Up the Stairs
While campaigning in South Carolina, Clinton needed assistance climbing a set of stairs.

2016 — Hypothyroidism, a Hormone Imbalance
This condition is common among women over age 60. It can lead to obesity, joint pain, and heart disease. Although this was disclosed in 2016, it is unclear how long Clinton has had the condition.

2016 — Coughing Fits
Despite the anti-allergy medication she takes regularly, Clinton had several coughing incidents and was unable to finish several of her speeches on the campaign trail.

2016 — Collapses at 9/11; Pneumonia Diagnosis Revealed
She was seen stumbling, collapsing, and slumping into her car after abruptly leaving the New York City 9/11 commemoration ceremony; aides had to help her into the van. She spent the afternoon at her daughter’s apartment in New York, we’re told. That evening, her campaign disclosed she had been diagnosed with pneumonia the Friday before. She is currently on antibiotics for treatment.

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Did Hillary Clinton really go to daughter Chelsea’s on Sunday — or is there more to their daughter’s multimillion dollar apartment in New York City than meets the eye? Several sources reported that Chelsea Clinton’s address is the same as a medical treatment center — so when she disappeared and left the press behind, she may have been getting more than a nap at her daughter’s residence.

The questions continue.