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The Threat To America Of Our Own Making Grows – More War Monday | The Rob Maness Show EP 315

We’re setting our own traps in the Middle East, again, Americans will die in the Gaza port operation. From Joint Logistics expert @cynicalPublius on X: Biden is sending U.S. logistics troops to do a humanitarian aid mission, and he is pretending those logistics troops don't need U.S. combat arms troops as security, because Hamas will lovingly provide such security. Many Americans will die. That is the readers digest version, go to his account for a detailed explanation about why implementing a Joint Logistics over the Shore operation in Gaza with no American combat force security is nuts, especially since it is only to secure 100K Muslim votes in Michigan for Biden. The domestic Hamas extremist threat is real, even from inside our own armed forces. As we’ll show you, the American extremists supporting the Hamas atrocities of Oct 7 2023 are here, and they mean to kill you and themselves. But that is not the worst part of the domestic threat, hundreds of thousands of military aged males from places like China, Iran, Venezuela, Turkey, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and yes, even Gaza and Lebanon, have entered our country illegally in the last three years under Biden’s open border invasion. The threat is so real, my guest today wrote his latest book about the it, detailing how a nation-wide attack by these illegals would be executed. U.S. Army retired Colonel and attorney Kurt Schlichter is the author of THE ATTACK. Set in the very near future and ripped from today’s headlines, THE ATTACK is a terrifying novel that describes in frightening detail exactly how America’s enemies could launch a massive terrorist assault here at home.

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