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Killing The Left’s Climate Catastrophe Movement- Truth Thursday | The Rob Maness Show EP 314

The attempted prescriptions for climate change are generally worse than the disease—especially for the poor. Demands to transform the global energy infrastructure to depend heavily on wind, solar, and other renewables are harmful to people in America and the world–especially to the poor. Meanwhile, continued large-scale use of traditional energy sources like nuclear, hydro, and fossil fuels would reduce poverty while doing less harm to the environment. That is all from the new book Climate and Energy: The Case For Realism which combines outstanding climate science, physics, economics, environmental science, political science, ethics, and theology to present a well-reasoned understanding of human-induced climate change and how to respond to it. My guest today is the author. Dr. Cal Beisner is the founder and president of The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, a network of Christian theologians, natural scientists, economists, and other scholars. Dr. Beisner was associate professor for over a decade. He has written over fifteen books, published thousands of articles, and testified on the ethics and economics of climate change before both the U.S. Senate and House. He has also briefed the White House Council on Environmental Policy and is a sought after speaker at climate conferences world-wide.

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