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China Takes Taiwan By Force in 2024 – More War Monday | The Rob Maness Show EP 291

General Minihan took a lot of heat, as did those of us who agreed with his approach, for having the audacity to actually order his forces to prepare for war with China over the Taiwan issue. Well it turns out he may have been wrong, but only about the year China would move. As dawn broke this morning in the United States, breaking news reporting revealed China has stationed four warships around the island nation. Taiwan’s recent election of a pro-independence president is a big potential trigger point for China’s President Xi to move forward quickly and take Taiwan by force. China’s alliance with Iran and Russia, strengthened in the last two years by our own decisions pushing them closer together over the Ukraine war, could be the reason why increasing pressure by Iranian forces in the middle east is ramping up on the US and her allies through the attacks on US forces since Oct 7 2023. I said at the time of Minihan’s memo that I thought China would move earlier than 2025 in order to avoid having a President Trump in office and it looks like 2024 might just be the year. Friend of the show retired Army Colonel John Mills has spent the last few weeks in Taiwan and joins us today to discuss what we will be seeing from China if they are going to invade Taiwan this year.

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