White House Caught Lying Again, Doctored Official Transcript to Hide It | Mike Pence Booed at NRA

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Today’s best:

1: The White House got caught red-handed... More false claims & they even changed the official transcript to try and hide it.

2: Just how bad is it in New York City? Well, they just appointed their first ever Rat Czar.

3: Gender transition for a pet dog in a tutu... Is this real or parody? The lines between the two are blurry these days.

4: Mike Pence booed as he takes the stage at the NRA convention. To be expected.

5: Trump lights up the NRA crowd... "If you put me back in the White House, their reign is over, and America will be a free nation once again." - Donald Trump

6: F around & find out... Rosa Parks reparations edition.
Woman demanding reparations at Target gets punched in the face by security guard After pursuing & cornering him in his office

7: "This is the very definition of child predatory sexual grooming." - Amber Lavigne Mama Bear fights back against the school trying to transition her child behind her back.

8: LA County Sheriff’s deputies watch and do nothing as far-left extremists in support of a children’s drag queen event in West Hollywood assault a young man.

9: Dylan Mulvaney brutally mocked by Maria Bartiromo over representation of women in Bud Light ads.

10: Al Sharpton claims 'deep misogyny' - 'stay in the kitchen & you do what I say.' Mika Brzezinski says the Republican Party & a lot of men in it don't understand a woman's body. Meanwhile, many Democrats can't even define what a woman is

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