Crazy Take From L.A City Council Member on Car Theft | Liberal Male Politicians Dawn Pink High Heels

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Today’s best:

1: Criminals aren’t responsible for stealing catalytic converters, it’s the car company’s fault for making them easy to steal! ~Says crazy LA city council member Nithya Raman

2: Liberal male politicians prance around in pink high heels to prevent violence against women in Canada

3: New York state officials are dividing communities... Banning public schools from using indigenous team names & mascots

4: Liberal tears on Morning Joe... Fake News is losing ground in the information war.

5: Anarcho-tyranny is here… Jack Posobiec breaks down Alec Baldwin ‘getting away with murder’ Under this regime criminals walk free.

6: CNN: Guns in America are bad... Criminals turning Chicago into a shooting gallery: CRICKETS

7: WOW!!! If you didn't believe there was a Deep State, believe it now after this story came out... It's not just a term that's peddled in the deep dark holes of the internet. It is real and this is proof.

8: "And now they tell us that we're no longer allowed to use the word pedophile. We're to use Minor attracted persons instead because we don't want to hurt someone's feelings…

9: This BASED anti-woke ad is a breath of fresh air in a world where the left is trying to erase real women.

10: Bud Light backlash over Dylan Mulvaney campaign reignited...

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