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Safe, Effective…Profitable: Pfizer Is Trying To Mutate COVID-19 Virus For New Vaccines | Ep 505

New Project Veritas video dropped in which a Pfizer employee told the undercover journalist that big pharma stalwart Pfizer is actively trying to mutate the COVID virus in order to justify the need for new vaccine development and subsequently more money. The admissions should sicken everyone, but surprise very few. Plus, Schiff had more to say about losing his committee role, Ilhan Omar is an idiot and Don Lemon and his CNN colleagues cry about America's Governor Ron DeSantis protecting our children in the classroom.

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1 year ago

James okeefe was the founder of project Veritas now he has left the company. He would be an asset to..Twitter..epoch times and many more. I doubt the company will go anywhere without it..