EP 124 | Is Violent Radicalism Increasing in America?

Since September 11, 2001, most of the focus in the United States on radicalism was on the Islamist violence hunted around the globe in the war on terror. I’ve observed today’s guest ever since I first saw him on cable news courageously talking about his opposition to violent radical Islamists like those attacking countries around the world, and he is of the Muslim faith. That was our country’s focus until recently, when US government Homeland Security types said it was white supremacists that are the violent radicals, we should fear more than any other extremism. I’ve closely followed terrorism in our country most of my life, having been a bomb disposal technician and studied the terrorism in the 60s and 70s from communist infiltrated groups such as the weather underground, among others. I’m puzzled because of two things, first the Marxist driven Black Lives Matter movement and its violence throughout the last half of 2020, and the massive invasion across our Southern border, especially the last 14 months, of illegal entrants from around the world. These two facts lead me to believe, based on my extensive experience, that we are at least just as much at risk from an Islamist or other non-domestic actor terrorist attacks as we were in the years before DHS decided it was these white supremacists that don’t seem to be doing anything significant enough to reprioritize our intelligence and law enforcement efforts away from Islamists and narco terrorists from the Mexican drug cartels. We’ll discuss these questions today with Dr M. Zuhdi Jasser, President, American Islamic Forum for Democracy, a Former US NAVY Lieutenant-Commander, Host, Blaze Radio Podcast: “REFORM THIS!”, Founder, Take Back Islam, Co-Founder, Muslim Reform Movement, and Author, A Battle for the Soul of Islam.

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