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Greta Thunberg Leads Odd Chant As Joe Biden Sleeps At Climate Summit, Brian Kilmeade Guests | Ep 283

Greta Thunberg was seen ranting outside the COP26 and leading an odd chant. Meanwhile, inside the summit Joe Biden dozed off for nearly a whole minute until an aide came to the rescue and Prince Charles is calling for force to be used globally to get people compliant with climate change policies. Plus, more mandates are going into to effect and thus more jobs are being lost, Joe Manchin continues to stand up to his Democrat colleagues in the face of adversity and co-Host of Fox and Friends and The Brian Kilmeade Show, Brian Kilmeade stops by to discuss his new book The President and the Freedom Fighter and his book tour.

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Fred LeMaster
Fred LeMaster
1 year ago

Say Ms. or Mrs. Greta Thunberg, Maam, All Of You Climate Changlings Truly Need To Get A Job, A Real Paying Job, Instead Of Acting Like All of These Illegal Aliens That Keep On Coming Into The USA’s Boundaries, Because NOTHING IS FREE, BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS TO BE PAYING FOR IT ALL! This Climate Change Slogan Of Yours, Is Nothing But Natural Occurrences, Except of Burning Way Too Much Coal, Like China Does All Of The Time! Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Little Dust Devils (Who Are The Tornadoes Smaller Cousins), And Their Larger Cousin Big Dust Devils Happens When The Wind Comes From Like The North And From The South And Then Meet, This Happens All Of The Time! The Earth Has A Very Hot Core = Center Of This Blue Marble Called Earth, Therefore Volcanoes Erupt, Continental Plates Tend To Move Making Mountains Like The Matterhorn, Mount Everest And K-2, Which Causes Earthquakes, Thunder Storms With Lightening sometimes accompany Tornadoes and Hurricanes! Ms. or Mrs. Thunberg And All Of Your Friends, You All Need To Start Giving All Of Your Ill Gotten Gains Back To Whom You All Took It All From, Because You All Are A Bunch Of Uncommon Chiselers Or Thieves!

Nash Montana
Nash Montana
1 year ago

She’s so gross. Unwashed and grody.