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EP 111 | Support America First Candidates for Congress and All Levels

Friends, most of you know I ran for the US Senate in Louisiana for one reason, the establishment candidates from both parties had a clear history that prioritized their donors more than the American people. I ran on policies that are now called America First – energy independence, ending forever wars and the policies that support them, eliminating regulations and taxes as much as possible, criminal justice reform, and most importantly to protect our liberty. Since then, I have continued to stay active in politics, especially to get America first policies implemented. That is why you have already seen candidates for the US Congress appear as guests on my show, because we must elect America First candidates from the federal to the local level. The men and women we elect must know their top priority is protecting liberty and providing for the common defense, period, that’s it. All other policy and legislative endeavors must be prioritized after these priorities. So, todays guest is an America First candidate from Mississippi running for the 4th congressional seat and yes, he is challenging an incumbent Republican. He is currently in the State Senate and has a proven track record of standing up to the powerful on behalf of his constituents. Without further a due, Mississippi State Senator Brice Wiggins welcome to the Rob Maness Show!

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