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Rand Paul’s Injuries May Dog Him for Months, Even Years

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is still in quite a bit of pain from his rib…

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Patti LaBelle on Her Diabetes: ‘I Changed My Way of Living’

Patti LaBelle had a tough wake-up call when she found out she had diabetes more…

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Don’t Mess with These Nutella Fans!

Nutella underwent a secret recipe change — and now fans are going nuts. The change…

  • Health

Fractures vs. Sprains: Bone of Contention?

Stubbed toes, jammed fingers and bumped shins are the stuff of everyday life, but once…

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Five Early Signs of Lung Cancer You Should Never Ignore

You might dismiss lung cancer because you don't smoke or because you live in a…

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