Tag: Anthem Protests

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Why Vin Scully ‘Will Never Watch Another NFL Game’

Amid the ongoing controversy surrounding the NFL and players kneeling during the national anthem, one…

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Papa John’s Could Cut Ties with NFL Over Anthem Protests

Papa John's, the well-known pizza chain, is considering severing its ties with the NFL amid…

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Conrad Black: What Protesting NFL Players Don’t Get

The problem in the NFL controversy is that demonstrative players and the president are both…

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NFL Player Who Stood for the National Anthem ‘Explains’

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle and former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva has publicly apologized for standing…

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Ingraham: Hey, ‘Kneelers,’ Let’s Get a Few Things Straight

In light of the decision by over 100 NFL players to protest our nation's anthem…

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