Parenting Tip of the Day: Feb. 15

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Do you feel like a hovercraft, constantly at your child’s beck-and-call as her favorite playmate? There are distinct advantages to a more hands-off style of parenting, including fostering a deep sense of security and independence in your child.

“My mother was the one always observing with a smile on her face and a task to complete,” wrote Danielle Herzog in “Whether it was making dinner, gathering our lunches, doing laundry, or eventually lesson plans and schoolwork when she became a kindergarten teacher, she was the person who kept the wheels of the family constantly in motion and working.”

Her mother’s approach fostered many good qualities, according to Herzog.

“I admire that my mother wasn’t my playmate,” she continued. “Because of her focus and approach to parenting, I was able to foster a great imagination. I would spend hours writing stories or playing pretend games, like library or bank teller. And when I wanted to spend time with her, I would curl up next to her as she read me stories, for what felt like hours, or I would prop myself up on the step stool and help her cook. But she didn’t play.”

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