UPDATE 5:50 a.m. Friday morning: The death toll climbs to 84; reports indicated the truck was loaded with heavy weapons, including grenades. The driver is confirmed to be dead.

A truck plowed into a crowd of revelers celebrating the Bastille Day holiday in the French coastal city of Nice in what is being called a premeditated act of terror.

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After the attack, Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi said that “a lorry driver appears to have killed dozens of people,” according to the BBC.

There were some reports that indicated the driver of the truck got out and began firing on the crowd. Some other reports even indicated there were multiple gunmen; no reports of gunfire have been confirmed.

The truck hit the crowd during a fireworks show, so there is at least the possibility the combination of bloody mayhem and fireworks led people on sight to falsely believe they heard gunshots — again, no official statements or confirmations were made early on about the possibility of gunmen.

The attack comes as France is still reeling from a coordinated attack on Paris by Jihadists that claimed the lives of 130 gunmen. The EU-member nation has since ramped up its anti-terror efforts.