Breaking Bad Star: ‘Donald Trump Loves This Country’

Four-time Emmy Award-winner and “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston told CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield in an interview Tuesday that he believes Donald Trump genuinely cares about America — the GOP presumptive nominee just has a unique approach to fixing it.

“So I will say right here, right now, on national television, that I believe Donald Trump loves this country,” said Cranston. “I truly believe that and I know he does. It’s just that his approach on how to remedy America’s problems differ greatly from what I think should happen.”

Cranston believes that bipartisanship can make it more difficult for lawmakers in Washington, D.C. to accomplish anything. He said listening to people with opposing views is key to inspiring unity, noting that “just because someone has a different opinion than yours it does not make them the enemy.”

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Cranston said he has a similar mentality when it comes to talking politics.

“So if I were to meet a Trump supporter, the first thing I would want to discuss what are the issues that led you to that decision, and I want to know about that,” he added. “And not to make them wrong, but just understand.”

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Cranston said in August that though Trump is a “loose cannon,” he likes the GOP candidate’s “candor” and how he’s “shaking up” things.

“There’s something so refreshing about shaking up that world that is all about being handled and here comes this loose cannon who has terrible ideas and would be a horrible president, but there’s something great about his ‘I-don’t-give-a-s***’ attitude that really kind of keeps others honest,” he said at the time.

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