Storylines for That Bob Dylan TV Show

We've got some political suggestions for the new Amazon series

by Ann Oldenburg | Updated 19 Apr 2016 at 2:08 PM

Consider this: Bob Dylan songs are going to be used as the basis for a TV show. Could it work? Amazon and Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. sure think so.

The two companies have  secured the rights to use Dylan’s lyrics and compositions, according to reports in The Wall Street Journal and Variety. The project is being written and directed by Australian filmmaker Josh Wakely, part owner of Grace Films production company. Dylan, 74, is not involved in the show, but The Wall Street Journal says Dylan has given Wakely access to all of his 600 songs.

So what should we expect? Will the show be titled “Like a Rolling Stone” or “Mr. Tambourine Man,” two of his most popular songs? No — the current title of the series is said to be “Time Out of Mind,” which is the title of Dylan’s 30th studio alum, released in 1997.

The show will feature snippets of Dylan’s work, which will be used to push along the plot line. The show’s pilot, which has yet to be made, apparently will draw from Dylan’s 1964 “The Ballad of Hollis Brown” to initiate the story, said The Wall Street Journal.

The song tells the story of a down-on-his-luck man in South Dakota who ends up committing a crime: “There’s seven people dead / On a South Dakota farm / Somewhere in the distance / There’s seven new people born.”

Each episode is expected to feature two Dylan songs, which will drive the drama.

Music-based TV shows have been hot in recent years. Look at Fox's "Empire," about the hip-hop world. And HBO's "Vinyl," created by Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger and starring his son, James Jagger, was picked up for a second season after the first episode. Netflix has a series about the New York dance scene  — "The Get Down" — slated for an August premiere.

But the "Time Out of Mind" series won’t be centered on the music world. So we got to thinking — and have come up with some ideas for possible storylines centered around Dylan songs, particularly pertinent right now:

"The Times They Are A Changing:" Hillary Clinton finds out this is all too true for her, come the fall.

"Just Like a Woman:" Donald Trump opines on his marriages over the course of several episodes.

"Girl from the North Country:" Sarah Palin tells what she can see from her porch.

"All Along the Watchtower:" Two guards trade quips on a very large, long wall built by Mexico.

"Shelter from the Storm:" The story of two interns who hide out in the bathroom at the Republican convention.

"It Ain't Me Babe:" Paul Ryan's line to political reporters this year. Again and again and again.

"Knocking On Heaven's Door:" Bernie Sanders' theme song? Oh no, he probably doesn't believe in heaven.

"It's All Over Now Baby Blue:" Red States make the proclamation to their Blue State neighbors.

"Lay Lady Lay:" Or is it "Lie, Lady, Lie?" Either way, it's the story of Hillary's rise to First Lady.

"Simple Twist of Fate:" Jeb Bush's exit from the presidential race.

"Forever Young:" Marco Rubio visits California cosmetic surgeons with the hope of maintaining his youthful look so he can be the "young, gifted and not Barack" guy again during the next election.

"Blowin' In the Wind:" The story of a governor from Ohio who just won't stop talking.

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