Embarrassing Celeb Sobfest Over Obama’s Departure

Pull yourself together, Hollywood

by Zachary Leeman | Updated 11 Jan 2017 at 4:15 PM

The stars were beside themselves Tuesday night: They waxed sentimental on social media all night long about President Obama’s farewell address in Chicago.

“I love you more than I have space on Twitter to describe…” tweeted TV talk show host Ellen Degeneres, who had previously said in a farewell video to the president that her fondest memory ever of Obama was his dancing.

His dancing was really good, she said. Quite good.

Then there was this post Tuesday night: “When The President & First Lady Leave the White House …. We Will be The Custodians Of HOPE ... ” tweeted Cher.

Others joined in with sentiments that were just plain ... out there. Actress Ashley Judd tweeted, “I admire you so much. And I will do my part to become increasingly aware of my implicit bias and white privilege." While Judd does her best to be aware of her white privilege — working Americans will be praying the next administration lowers the national debt, gets health care costs under control, helps Americans find jobs and improves our country's standing in the world.

Actress Gabrielle Union got downright emotional about Obama’s farewell address when she tweeted, “Already crying. Love my president ..."

Others to tweet out support to the outgoing president included author Stephen King, comedian Patton Oswalt, and Bill Nye.

Singer Rosanne Cash tweeted out a sentiment that most certainly proves whatever hardships the last eight years have given working class Americans have been far beyond her doorstep. “I'm lucky to have lived in the Obama era. Thank you for the inspiration, sir."

Here's what’s most troubling about the pedestal celebrities and public figures have put Obama on in his final days in office: They have learned nothing from the last eight years or the election.


Donald Trump’s victory on Nov. 8, and confirmed by the Electoral College, should have been a strong, hard lesson that people were downright hungry for change in Washington. “Change” was something President Obama spoke highly of when he was first put in office (remember that?). Then he racked up a legacy of unfulfilled campaign promises, hypocritical actions, and policies that downright hurt working class Americans.

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The emotional farewells from celebrities to Obama prove how large the valley really is between them and ordinary Americans. The responses to the president’s farewell speech prove there won’t be any bridging that gap in the foreseeable future — and that we need lots of tissues.

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