The Actor Who Epitomizes Celebrity Hypocrisy

Here's why Benedict Cumberbatch, star of 'Sherlock,' wants the government to take in more refugees — while he won't do so

by Zachary Leeman | Updated 21 Sep 2017 at 9:32 AM

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch, star of such films as “The Imitation Game” and “Star Trek into Darkness,” received public backlash in 2015 when he used a London stage performance of “Hamlet” to promote his politics.

At the conclusion of the show, Cumberbatch said, “F*** the politicians” — and tried to shame the British government for allowing in only 20,000 Syrian refugees.

Many rightly pointed out the hypocrisy, saying someone of Cumberbatch's means who feels so passionately should take it upon himself to house refugees.

In a recent interview with The Big Issue, the British actor, 41, said he had actually looked into housing refugees, then decided against it.

"[P]eople were saying, 'You've got a home. Why don't you house refugees?' And we did look into it. But we had, then, a very new baby — maybe four or five months old," he said about his reason for not housing refugees in his own home.

The actor continued, "Maybe people had a point. I understand why some might think I should be housing people instead of complaining about a government not doing it. But I was trying to raise awareness that we can do more as a society. Because I do feel we are able to do more than just recovering bodies."

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The worst part about his comments? Cumberbatch basically admits his critics were right but then jumps right back into his collectivist mindset.

Cumberbatch displayed collectivism and limousine liberalism in a nutshell here. Why do something yourself when you can just shrug it off on the government? Then you can sleep well at night in your nice big house with your family — knowing everyone else did something as a "society."

These people want bigger and bigger government to take on more and more of their personal causes.

He, of course, doesn't realize his idea of "society" is not the same as everyone else's. His same reasoning for not wanting to house refugees in his home was similar to the reasons the government and citizens are so against the major influx of refugees, both here and in Europe.

If Cumberbatch and other stars and celebrities feel so strongly about issues like the amount of refugees being housed, they should quit pushing for more and more government, and use the power they have as individuals.

Instead, they simply want bigger and bigger government to take on a greater chunk of their personal causes and everything involved with those causes — all while average Americans or Brits or other people foot the bill and deal with the consequences.

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