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18 Vanity Plates Rejected by the Texas DMV

Let’s get one thing straight, people: “License plate game” is a thing, and you either have it or you don’t. That’s why the majority of us have random license plates on our vehicles. That — and we hate the extra paperwork.

The following collection of plates were recently rejected this year from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

Some scream “Whisky Tango” — while others just cause confusion. You be the judge!


(photo credit: Myplates.com/DMV)

This person hates oil but apparently didn’t quite think it through. Oil is kind of necessary for your car to run, pal.


(photo credit: Myplates.com/DMV)

In this day and age, the term “redneck” isn’t really something you want to be called — let alone call yourself.


(photo credit: Myplates.com/DMV)

Hit a deer and have it total your car — then tell us this is “inappropriate.”

Scroll through the gallery to see what else ain’t up to par in the great state of Texas!