Stewart: Memos Show Comey Was 'Dishonest' from 'the Very Beginning'

Newly released and partially redacted documents don't reveal collusion or obstruction of justice, but questions on former FBI director's conduct intensify

Kathryn Blackhurst

Meadows Sees 'Growing Body of Evidence' Comey Lied on Clinton Probe

Former FBI director will be called to account for claim there was no 'coordination' between him and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch to exonerate Hillary

Kathryn Blackhurst

Mukasey: Comey Is 'Always the Hero of Every Story He Tells'

Former attorney general ripped the former FBI director for his 'self-serving memos' filled with 'cherry-picked' recollections

Kathryn Blackhurst

House Intel Chairman Says Subpoenas Are Imminent for Comey Memos

Rep. Devin Nunes is growing weary of continuing delays and excuses by Department of Justice, FBI officials in producing documents

Brendan Kirby


Trump Slashed Red Tape, but Report Finds It Still Cost Taxpayers Trillions

CEI's Ten Thousand Commandments analysis shows real progress made last year — urges Congress to do much more and do it faster

Kathryn Blackhurst

Veteran Political Strategist Says Running from Trump Won't Work for GOP

Matt Schlapp, head of the American Conservative Union, says president is the party leader and 'nothing can change that' fact

Brendan Kirby