The Scrambled Politics of the Health Care Debate

Analysis shows House GOP plan would disproportionately hurt Trump strongholds, benefit liberal voters

Brendan Kirby

New Double Standard on Leaks in Trump Era

Democrats wanted massive investigation of classified disclosure in 2003, downplay concern in 2017

Jim Stinson

Jihadist Motive Suggested in Parliament Slash Attack

Police point to Islamic terror in third Islamist edged weapon incident of 2017 in Europe

Edmund Kozak

CNN Commentator Downplays ‘Unmasking’ Significance

Borger conflates legal surveillance with possible bombshell intelligence gathering on Trump team

Brendan Kirby


Mississippi Lawmakers Pass Sanctuary City Ban

Immigration enforcement bill goes to governor after local county makes ICE noncompliant list

Kathryn Blackhurst

Major Networks Ignore Illegal Alien Rape at High School

Watchdog finds ABC, CBS, NBC avoided national story on horrific attack

Kathryn Blackhurst