Dems 'Terrified' of Trump Cracking Black Vote, Civil Rights Leader Says

With infamous race card losing its potency, guests on 'The Laura Ingraham Show' say president's program threatens old alliances

Brendan Kirby

Pastor Says Trump Is Creating 'Real Opportunities' for African-Americans

On 'The Ingraham Angle,' Rev. Mark Burns said Dems 'will hone in on anything to paint president as racist,' to distract from successes

Kathryn Blackhurst

Why the National Debt Still Looms as a Major Threat to U.S. Prosperity

With a tab over $20 trillion, American taxpayers owe more than all of the world's bank notes combined

Brendan Kirby

Don't 'Turn Women into Snowflakes' or 'Infantilize' Them with #MeToo, Rice Urges

Former secretary of state said she's worried about the movement's potential unintended consequences

Kathryn Blackhurst


Illegal Immigrant with Five Deportations Arrested After Threatening Bus Passengers

Margarito Vargas-Rosas led police on a multistate chase — that ended with his capture at gunpoint by Illinois authorities

Jim Stinson

Analysis Projects 'Gang of Six' Plan Grants Amnesty to 10 Million Illegals

NumbersUSA think tank estimates eligibility would be 14 times higher than provided by proposals from Trump, House bill

Brendan Kirby