U.S. Patent Office Needs Its Independence Restored

Judges should be able to consider the facts, reach decisions without worrying if the result will help or harm them personally

Gregory Dolin

Former Prosecutor on Collusion Narrative — 'It's Over'

DiGenova says indictment of Russian agents announced by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein shows Trump did not coordinate with their meddling

Brendan Kirby

Gardner Under Fire for Undercutting 2018 Senate GOP Campaigns

Freshman Colorado Republican has responsibility to lead party to keep upper-chamber majority, but he's making things more difficult

Jim Stinson

Russia Indictment 'Good Day' for Trump, Former Prosecutor Says

Attorney Sol Wisenberg and Rep. Ron DeSantis of Florida agree Mueller's multiple indictments Friday come close to vindicating president

Brendan Kirby


'Neo-McCarthyites' See 'Russians Around Every Corner,' Nunes Says

House intelligence panel chief dismisses criticism from former CIA Director Michael Hayden, recalls 2016 CNN hit when he warned of Putin interference

Brendan Kirby

Sen. Bernie Sanders, Meet Sen. Bernie Sanders

Senior officials at the White House note the Democratic socialist had an interesting take back in 2007 on illegal immigration

Jim Stinson