by Elizabeth M. Economou | Updated 11 Jun 2018 at 2:34 PM

(photo credit: Krazy Straws)

Straws have been around for centuries, and the design has changed very little. Over 50 years ago, one man — and pre-internet records are fuzzy on just who the inventor was — decided that a way to get children to drink juice and milk rather than soda would be to create a fun straw, and he began bending straws into unusual shapes. Krazy Straws was bought out by Fun-Time International in 1989, and production was moved to Mexico. The product proved to be a huge success, and these straws are still sold in the millions every year.

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  2. fidget-spinner
  3. flowbee
  4. headon
  5. hula-hoop
  6. koosh-ball
  7. krazy-straw
  8. pet-rock
  9. silly-putty
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